Why you can’t rely on rescue


When it comes to disasters, rescue is nearly always “too little and too late”.

Though many people are surprised to hear this, it remains a proven fact, time after time. This occurs due to a variety of factors, including the very nature of some disasters. It’s also caused by a set of very human factors as well. In this blog, I’ll share with you, the very real reason why disaster response doesn’t work, even in the most affluent societies on earth. There are three main sources of medical care available to the victims injured by disasters: local, national and international.

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It’s time to stop complaining about the weather…(and do something about it)

Mark Keim Blog

The number of disasters is increasing worldwide.

During the past five decades (1964-2013), nearly 20 thousand environmental disasters (not to include epidemics, wars, and conflict-related famines) were reported to have killed 5.4 million people worldwide, affected 7 billion lives and resulted in property damage exceeding 2.7 billion US dollars. Environmental disasters comprised 93% (natural disasters, 53%; and technological disasters, 40%) of the world’s disasters declared during that time as compared to 7% caused by all the world’s biological disasters (pandemics, epidemics and outbreaks).

In general, weather-related disasters are, by far, the most frequent disaster occurrences in the world,

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