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Get personalized professional development advice from an expert.

The news is full of stories about hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and more. There’s no denying that disasters are on the rise worldwide. Which means there’s a very real need for professionals trained in disaster health management.

It takes a unique skill set to be effective during a disaster. But public health and medical professionals have few chances to get the training they really need for actual disasters. That’s because there are scarce advancement opportunities in disaster health management.

Dr. Mark Keim has spent his entire career serving as a coach and mentor for several generations of global disaster responders. Now you can enjoy that same level of advice as disaster experts around the world.

Mark Keim, CDC


Why should I sign up for Individual Coaching?

Individual Coaching is for people that want to go beyond the basics in the emerging field of disaster management. It’s perfect for public professionals that lack a health background or health professionals that can benefit from emergency management training. Or perhaps you are a business manager looking to minimize risk*. There are many reasons to introduce disaster management to your career.

Yet, there’s no way to get this level of training from universities or workplace programs. It’s up to you to take charge of your education. With DisasterDoc Individual Coaching you’ll get personalized advice from a trusted disaster health expert. You’ll learn practical skills that will help you become an asset to your workplace and community before and after a disaster.

*Please contact Mark to find out if he can help you meet certain job compliance requirements. 

Who is Individual Coaching for?

  • Federal and local emergency managers
  • Public health and medical workers
  • Business continuity and risk managers
  • Disaster professionals and volunteers
  • Teachers, public servants, public safety, international workers
  • Job seekers and students


About DisasterDoc™ Coaching Services

Dr. Mark Keim personally hosts each virtual videoconference via a secure server. Each (1) hour coaching session includes:

  • Worldwide access to a virtual communications portal
  • A private video conference with Dr. Mark Keim
  • In-depth discussion of personal and professional development issues related to disasters and health and/or
  • Consultation regarding individual or group efforts for disaster risk reduction
  • Complete written transcripts of the conversation (in English)
  • Exclusive membership in the DisasterDoc Academy™ Facebook Community

All candidates for Individual Coaching Services follow this 4-step process:

1. Interview

 A chance to present your questions, challenges and ultimate goals.

2. Selection Process

 A review of your application, including professional background and career goals.

3. Coaching Plan

 A collaboration resulting in a detailed plan and timeframe to accomplish your goals.

4. Monitoring

 An opportunity to periodically review objectives and ask for recommendations.

Make a difference in a disaster.

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