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Health crisis planning, leadership, education and performance

Public health emergencies place an enormous burden on both public and private institutions. Decision makers have little time and opportunity to perform assessments, monitor progress and evaluate the results of disaster-related health issues. Mark Keim in action

It’s not an exaggeration to say that disasters can cost millions of dollars AND affect the lives of millions of people.

Dr. Mark Keim partners with institutions of all sizes to create disaster management plans based on scientific evidence and best practices. He is uniquely qualified to offer expert guidance customized for your organization’s needs. During his 16-year career at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and today as the founder of DisasterDoc, Mark has consulted on dozens of disasters, involving the health of millions of people throughout the world.

Main Areas of Focus:

  • Global health emergencies
  • Emergency medicine and services
  • Business continuity and administration
  • Hospital preparedness and response
  • Performance management in response operations
  • Disaster risk assessment and management
  • Health impact of biological, chemical and radiological weapons
  • Extreme weather events/climate change
  • Rapid post-disaster needs assessment
  • Public information and communication
  • Large scale events (Olympic games, religious gatherings, concerts, sport events)

Institution Types

Here are just some of the types of institutions that Mark works with:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Governments and Municipalities
  • Public Health Organizations
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Businesses/Corporations
  • Media and Communication Outlets


Mark helps organizations assess their risks, identify weak points and create a well-structured disaster management blueprint. It’s no secret that the threat of disasters is increasing. Yet a little preparation goes a long way in preserving public health and economic interests.

During the consultation process, experienced facilitators will lead your group through an exercise that results in the creation of an objective-based disaster risk management plan.

Plan and searchable databaseYour organization will receive all plans in both a document and a searchable database, which is archived for safety and future reference. You can choose what types of plans to create, including:

Mark Keim review tinian plan

Risk Assessment Plan

 Used to identify and prioritize disaster risk management activities.

Risk Reduction Program Plan

Details the actions that reduce disaster-related health risk.

Response Operations Plan

Details the actions performed during an emergency response.

Preparedness Program Plan

This 2-part plan:
1.) Identifies gaps between predicted and current capacity to respond (gap analysis)
2.) Details actions that will fill the preparedness gap

Recovery Operations Plan

Details actions to resume a daily routine.

Previous Consulting Projects

Mark Keim in Samoa ER with nurse

Each organization has unique needs. When you work with Mark you get the full breadth of his experience and knowledge to help you create a customized disaster management plan. Here are just a few examples of his recent consulting projects during the last year:

  • Helped a major U.S. city develop a strategic framework for multi-agency performance management applied to public health and medical emergency response.
  • Developed a global curriculum framework for training disaster risk managers for the public health sectors.
  • Facilitated a training needs assessment for a national public health and medical leadership team in the Middle East.
  • Performed 3 separate in-depth reviews of materials related to:
    1. U.S. climate change policy
    2. The G7 Economic Summit and
    3. A reorganization of the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency capacity

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Get Free Access to the DisasterDoc Archives

Free access to articles, lectures and stories about disasters and your health

Get Free Access to the DisasterDoc Archives