As Americans, we have turned the page into a new chapter, having just sworn in the 46th president, Joe Biden. Anyone working in a health-related field can breathe a collective sigh of relief as we have begun to transition back to expert-based decisions and an overall deeper trust coming back to science. We can all admit that Covid-19 response was much more lackluster than we genuinely needed. We struggle to this day with keeping daily new cases and deaths within a reasonable level.

One significant step forward stems from the move towards PROMOTING masks rather than politicizing. Masks have become more commonplace despite some still refuting their efficacy (looking at all the Karens and Kevins out there).

Having a national goal towards promoting the use of infection control measures is a great change of pace.

A further step taken is the goal of “100 million doses in the first 100 days” [in office]. Simply put, that means approximately 1/3 of our population would be vaccinated in just over the first three months of the year. There have been mutters of “yeah right…I believe that when I see it…” but to be honest, that goal seems really attainable when looking deeper.

We also have learned from the Biden team that the Trump administration had no distribution plan for vaccines. That’s right—no specific plan for how to distribute the doses of the vaccination. Let’s not forget how complicated keeping the vaccines stored to ensure effective doses is. That also could explain why so many of you may be struggling to find anywhere with available doses.

Despite the heavy handicap of no plan for distribution, sources show that we can provide about 800-900k new vaccinations daily. To achieve 100 million vaccinated in 100 days, we have to bump that 800-900k up by 100-200k more daily vaccinations. That means this goal is very attainable. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see more than 100 million doses given in the first 100 days.

What needs to change is there needs to be a robust distribution and logistical plan to help push these available doses out to the public to ensure they make it into arms and not into the trash can.

The new administration has already begun working to help bring that distribution network to reality (despite starting from the ground level).

However, one thing to keep in mind is we must hold our leaders accountable for what they have proposed regardless of what obstacles they may need to tackle along the way. It is one thing to SAY 100 million doses in the first 100 days, but now we need to see delivery on that goal. That way, we all may be better off, and we can bring back the “normal” we all seek.

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