We empower global leaders

to better understand disasters

in order to prevent public health


DisasterDoc LLC is an international firm located in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. We specialize in consultation, education and research related to public health emergencies.

What we can help you achieve

How to better understand disasters so you can protect yourself, your family and the communities you serve.

Target Audience
  • Local, state, and national governments
  • Not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Hospitals and healthcare agencies
  • Emergency managers
  • Business continuity professionals
  • The C-suite
  • Corporate sponsors
Contracted With
  • WHO
  • CDC
  • Henry Jackson Foundation
Notable Awards
  • Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service
  • CDC Special Service Award
  • United Nations Sasakawa Certificate of Merit
Featured On
  • CNN
  • PBS
  • USA Today
  • Chicago Tribune
  • LA Times
  • Washington Post
  • The Lancet
  • Scientific American

Mark Keim, MD

Dr. Keim is the CEO of DisasterDoc LLC, an international firm specializing in consultation, education and research related to public health emergencies.

He is also an adjunct Professor at Emory Rollins School of Public Health; and Faculty at BIDMC Harvard Medical School, Disaster Medicine Fellowship.

Mark is residency-trained in Emergency Medicine and fellowship-trained in Disaster Medicine . He recently earned an MBA degree in 2014.

Mark is retired from a career at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where he served as Associate Director for Science. He served on the White House Subcommittee for Disaster Reduction from 2006-2015.

He was twice commended by the US Secretary of Health with the “Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service” as CDC’s incident manager for both the Anthrax letter emergency and Hurricane Katrina. He also received the CDC Special Service Award for leading field response after the Indonesia tsunami.

Dr Keim authored a sentinel study documenting the health effects of climate change as early as 2007. He served as an editor for the 2012 UN IPCC Special Report on Exposures. He was also a contributing author for the 2016 U.S. GCRP Climate and Health Assessment. In 2016, he spoke at former VP Al Gore’s Climate and Health Summit. In 2019, he became a Climate Reality Leader.

In 2015, he received the prestigious United Nations Sasakawa Certificate of Merit recognizing his global impact on Disaster Risk Reduction as one individual. He also continues to assist frontline communities in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to prevent future hurricane deaths.

Dr. Keim is the author of 52 journal publications and 23 book chapters. He has served as a peer review consultant for 21 scientific journals and on the editorial board of 2 scientific journals. His press interviews have appeared on CNN, PBS, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, The Lancet and Scientific American.

DisasterDoc educates to help prevent public health emergencies


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