Virtual Housecalls

Personalized, disaster-related advice

Get the same level of expert disaster advice that only the world’s major institutions could obtain

During the COVID19 pandemic, disasters have become a daily concern for literally billions of people worldwide.

But it can be difficult to keep up with the newest threats as they change over time.

Whether you’re the head of the household or CEO of the business, sometimes you just need a little sound advice on how to keep people safe. Sometimes you need to see the DisasterDoc.

People need a DisasterDoc to help them make sense and keep up with the current trends on COVID19, PPE, occupational health and social distancing. They need advice about their workplace, their homes, their schools. They also need someone that they can trust.

People also need advice about the growing threats of climate change, conflict and other man-made disasters. This counsel may include disaster prevention, mitigation preparedness, response and recovery.

That’s why Dr. Keim sets aside a few hours of his daily schedule for “Virtual House Calls.”

It’s a time when anyone can schedule a consultation to speak directly with Dr Mark Keim, world-renowned disaster scientist, author and teacher.

Share the disaster-related problem that you wish to discuss

Discuss the history and characteristics of the problem

Hear an immediate assessment of the situation

Receive a written set of expert recommendations

DisasterDoc helps people all over the world to understand disasters, so they can protect themselves and others

Areas of Expertise

  • COVID19 – personal and family preparedness

  • Business continuity

  • PPE, worker health and safety

  • Social distancing, isolation and quarantine

  • Disaster planning

  • Hospital preparedness

  • Public health

  • Natural disasters

  • Man-made disasters

  • Violence and civil unrest

  • Climate change

Our Virtual House Call includes

A private 30-minute-long session to hear your own specific situation and needs.

Call hosting over our secure GoToMeeting videoconferencing network

written assessment and plan emailed to you the same day


It’s secure. It’s private. It’s easy